The information below relates to our 2016 attraction. Details on the 2017 attraction will be released later this year.

Caged: Evolution

It was the most unnatural of habitats. Yet not only have the Caged thrived, they have evolved.

Deserted research, abhorrent experiments. Even less human.

The keepers and creators are long gone, but the Caged endure. There are those who prefer to believe that they do not exist. But these inhabitants are here to stay. Their first instinct was for survival. But to survive is no longer enough. Feral impulses driving them. Their intent-domination; to rewrite the rules of nature and reign supreme.

More ferocious, more savage. Only one race stands in their way and it’s ours.

The Caged are not endangered, you are!

Frightmare at Over Farm


“OMG I went with my group of girls on the last evening and it was amazing. We screamed so much I now have a banging headache! The workers and actors where amazing and I’ll never miss another year, I’m so excited to see what next years going to be.” “Last night was absolutely brilliant!! My throat hurts from where I screamed so much!!!” “This is my 3rd year going to Frightmare, well worth the money! Would recommend to anyone, screamed the whole way through, great actors!” “We laughed, we screamed, then we screamed again. Full marks to the scare actors who gave their all to make it a shriekingly good night.” “A truly impressive maze.”