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We hope that you have found everything you need to know about Frightmare on the website. However, if you need more assistance the following frequently asked questions may help. If not feel free to contact us.

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What is Frightmare?

Frightmare is the name for the Halloween Festival held at Over Farm Market, featuring five scary haunted attractions in the evening and a selection of more family friendly activities during the day in October half term.

I don’t want to do the attractions but can I accompany someone to Frightmare?

To enter the Frightmare arena, you must have a paid ticket. If you do not wish to experience our attractions but still wish to visit, a £5 admission fee will be payable on the door. This admission fee is not available for purchase online.

Please be aware that under 15s must be accompanied through the attractions by a full priced paying adult.


What time does the event / attractions close?

All attraction queue lines will close 90 minutes after the last admission. For example, if your arrival time on your ticket is 9.30pm, Frightmare queue lines will close at 11.00pm. Please also refer to the signs around the arena. Refunds cannot be given for attractions not visited.

Are the any age restrictions for attending the event?

Frightmare is a 12A rated event, however all children aged 15 and under must be accompanied by an adult at all times.

We recommend that the evening attractions are suitable for ages 12 and over. However a lot of this depends on the child/children. The attractions can be quite intense in places and only you can judge whether your child/children will be able to cope. We certainly don’t recommend it for very young children or those who are easily scared. Babes in arms are not allowed.

Except during our Slightmare sessions, our actors will not hold back on a scare should there be young children in the group.

Can a disabled guest enjoy the attractions?

The Frightmare event is held on a working farm where the terrain may not always be even, it can also be wet and muddy. Guests must be able to walk freely and un-aided during parts of each show. We regret that due to the nature of these attractions wheelchair access is not possible. Wheelchairs however can be left at the entrances to all attractions. Please speak to a host on the night.

Are there any other restrictions?

Due to the nature of the attractions, we strongly recommend that pregnant woman or people with heart conditions should refrain from experiencing them.

What should I wear?

As the event is held in October, the weather can be quite cold and unsettled. We would advise that you wear appropriate warm clothing. Certain elements of the event will may take place on unpaved or muddy paths, therefore we strongly recommend you wear sturdy shoes or boots.

Can I visit the attractions anytime during the evening?

Please arrive at Frightmare Halloween Festival at the time allocated on your ticket, this is your arrival time. Late arrival may result is no entry. Once you are in the event, you are free to complete the five attractions in any order.

Frightmare queue lines will close 90mins after the last entry time slot for that evening, for example if your arrival time on your ticket is 9.30pm, Frightmare queue lines will close at 11.00pm. Please ensure you have enough time to visit all attractions.

Booking Tickets and Group Bookings

Purchasing Tickets

Tickets can only be purchased online.  Please read our terms and conditions before booking your tickets, these will also be shown to you at the the time of booking.

You can purchase tickets here

Group Bookings

If you have already made a group booking and wish to add to it. Simply purchase online additional tickets for the date / time lot that your original booking is for (if available). We cannot add to an existing booking. You will still be able to move through the event as a group.

As far as possible we will try to arrange that large groups sit together on the Huanted Hayride. Please let the attraction host know you wish to sit together before entering the pre-show. For all other attractions you will be split to smaller groups.

Sorry but we are unable to offer hospitality packages.

How scary is Frightmare?

The Haunted Hayride and our scare mazes are theatrical attractions that have been designed to scare you. Through all five attractions you will experience live actors, special effects, enclosed spaces and sudden noises. We advise that once you have entered an attraction there can be no turning back – you must keep moving forward and follow the designated route to the exit.

Can we wear fancy dress?

We do not mind guests coming in fancy dress but we would prefer that full face masks are not worn. Should you wear a full face mask, you may be asked to remove it in the arena and WILL be asked to remove it before entering any of the attractions. If you have any concerns please speak to a member of staff on arrival.

Health and Safety

When you arrive at Frightmare you may be subjected to a random bag search by our security team. This is for the safety of our visitors and staff. If you can avoid bringing a bag, so much the better. We do not have lockers available and you will have to keep the bag with you at all times.

We have a security team on site permanently during the event. Again this is for the safety of our visitors and staff.

A First Aid team are available should you feel unwell or need medical assistance.

If you still have a question that isn’t answered here please contact us, but please remember once the event is on our response times will be slow as our staff are out managing the attractions.