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Haunted Hayride

Haunted Hayride: Corn of the Dead

Farmer Keene has been attacked by a wild animal and his wife’s feeling under the weather. Farm animals have been going missing and half the staff haven’t turned up for work. They’re determined to keep the farm going regardless, keeping it open, but visitor numbers are dwindling.

The decline began after Over Farm allowed a nearby corporation to use some disused fields for landfill. The drivers, mistaking the old cemetery for their new waste site buried their noxious waste with the deceased. Now, there are strange rumours flying around about what’s happening at the farm.

What is the fate of those affected? Is it an illness or an evil? Those that claim evil believe the impossible, that the dead have been awoken and are walking the earth once more.


"Truly terrifying, very funny and brilliantly designed. Well done to all the wonderful actors." "Outstanding night out. Never Jumped and laughed so much in a very long time. So much thought and planning has gone into making this a top attraction for Gloucestershire. Miss it at you peril. Thank you Frightmare for such an awesome night, can't wait till next year." "Came on the preview night and was a lot of fun, enjoyed it so much bought tickets for Halloween, bigger, better, scarier, absolutely loved it, highly recommended." "Had an amazing experience at Frightmare last Friday! Can't believe how much effort has gone into this. The haunted hay ride was brilliant, and every haunted 'house' was awesome. Extremely scary (especially if you hate clowns like me!) and 100% worth every penny! We'll be back next year!" "Absolutely fantastic. Plenty of scares. What a great evening. Great effort from all the actors too."