The Offering

The information below relates to our 2016 attraction. Details on the 2017 attraction will be released later this year. The Offering Bound by ritual, steeped in mysticism, their crime was heinous-the sacrifice of their fellow man to feast on their flesh known as The Offering. Their punishment; to be sealed within their own sacred catacombs, left to perish in the darkness. Generations later the archeological find of the century ends in disaster. Whispers of this forgotten tribe, the chants of their shaman, the voices of their spirits could be heard once again. Could they have survived in this cavernous temple for all this time without light? Without sustenance? Feeding on fear, fighting for survival. Myth or monsters. It’s time to find out. Your weakness is their strength, but they wait. They’ve waited with such ravenous intent for so very long. Waiting for their salvation, for their rapture, for The Offering. book_tickets_nt
“Worth every penny, absolutely superb night thank you!” “My son went last night and loved it plenty of scares and amazing atmosphere my daughters can’t wait to go this coming week.” “Brilliant fright! Was a bit dubious about forking out £20 but We’ll worth every scream! Well done Frightmare!” “Absolutely brilliant! This year’s event surpassed last year’s and I didn’t think that was possible!” “I was scared before I’d arrived but it was a brilliant night, would definitely do it again, well done Over.”