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Séance: House of Demons

Séance: House of Demons

This Gloucestershire home, built in the 1800s, has a very chequered history. Stories of several seances gone bad have forced this once beautiful house to become a place of fear and death.

The years of abandonment has taken its toll, but there are still some who seek out this abode, wondering about the whispered stories of ghosts and demons.

Does the legend of the famous medium Ophelia still stand? Is the gateway still open? Does the house still claim souls? Many thrill seekers still dare to enter this unhallowed place, but what may seem fun or superstition, may just be true!

You have been warned!


Frightmare Reviews at Over Farm
"Had a fantastic evening. This attraction was by far the scariest it was brilliant and the hayride was fab."   "Second year going to Frightmare, had such a great time last year, I roped my sister, her boyfriend and my mum into coming this year! Séance was absolutely brilliant! Absolutely brilliant night, your actors well and truly scared the sh*t out of me!! See you next year!"   "For me tonight the best maze was Séance - I was truly scared to the point I wanted to cry."   "Was my first time going and it was brilliant! So much effort went into it, the actors were great. Séance was intense! Never been so scared!"   "Atmosphere was fantastic! Loved all four attractions but my favourite was the Seance. The Haunted Hayride was very scary and loved the anticipation of what could happen next! Will be going next year for sure!"