Séance: 1975



The information below relates to our 2016 attraction. Details on the 2017 attraction will be released later this year.

Séance: 1975 – Join The Investigation

“The Crest” manor house stands empty, decades after a failed exorcism. The exorcism was performed as a response to a Séance that was held on the property many years previously.

It is widely believed that this Séance opened a portal from which spirits or entities were said to have passed into our world. Some believe, however, that this portal is none other than one of the seven gates of hell.

The manor has since stood abandoned as Gloucester’s infamous haunted house where only the brave or foolish dare to enter. It has also been blamed for the many of the disappearances in the area over the years.

The Parapsychical Research Analysis Team, led by investigator Morris Price are set to re-enter The Crest. He and other paranormal academics using their knowledge and hi tech equipment hope to find the definitive answer to the haunting.

Morris hopes to re-create that very Séance and try to contact Ophelia, the Victorian spiritualist medium who disappeared during the event.

Many believe it was the catalyst that started it all…

Seance at Frightmare

Frightmare Reviews at Over Farm
“Had a fantastic evening. This attraction was by far the scariest it was brilliant and the hayride was fab.” “Second year going to Frightmare, had such a great time last year, I roped my sister, her boyfriend and my mum into coming this year! Séance was absolutely brilliant! Absolutely brilliant night, your actors well and truly scared the sh*t out of me!! See you next year!” “For me tonight the best maze was Séance – I was truly scared to the point I wanted to cry.” “Was my first time going and it was brilliant! So much effort went into it, the actors were great. Séance was intense! Never been so scared!” “Atmosphere was fantastic! Loved all four attractions but my favourite was the Seance. The Haunted Hayride was very scary and loved the anticipation of what could happen next! Will be going next year for sure!”