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The Haunted Hayride: Harvest

In the 1950s, Over Farm played host for the filming of a notorious cult film, The Harvest.

The movie was never properly finished, but was leaked out; despite rumours of there being very little acting in it.

The special “effects” were a little too real, the screams too piercing, the darkness too enveloping.

Over time, the locals forgot about the horrors, and everything went back to normal.

Until now.

Local film expert John Hews has set up a one-off film trail for fans of The Harvest, but little do they know that the farm holds a dark secret.

There was nothing fictional about the film then, and there’s nothing fictional about it now.

It still plays out, over and over again.

And no one is safe.

Not from the demented, unnatural characters, or from their creator, the notorious farmer himself.

What could go wrong on a farm?

As it turns out, a lot.