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Our very first “Frightmare” experience was way back in 2002.

Rob Keene, the owner of Over Farm back then, had spent a lot of time in the USA, and understanding the passion in the States for Halloween decided to bring a proper Halloween experience back to the UK.

So – as you do – he started growing pumpkins.  But he didn’t stop with oversized fruit (yes, it is a fruit!).

In addition to growing pumpkins ripe for carving, Rob exported another great American tradition – the Haunted Hayride – and in October 2002, the doors were opened for our first ever event.

Over three chilly autumnal nights, friends and volunteers were enlisted to help us deal with the demand, and the response to what was one of the very first Halloween events in the UK was overwhelmingly positive.

Image of a small barn, pumpkins and marquee
The small barn was the start of the hayride and pumpkins were sold in the marquee back in 2006.

As the years went on, the popularity of the Haunted Hayride only grew, and it was in 2008 that we made the decision to rename it.

It had become much more than a “hayride” by then, so the term “Frightmare” was coined.

With Frightmare now established as “the brand”, the event continued growing, both in attendance and in number of attractions.

By 2016, we had 12,000 visitors and five attractions, making us the biggest Halloween event in the south west, and when Rob retired to France, leaving his sons Matt and Rees to take up the mantle, they decided to up the ante even further.

Prop and set designers were enlisted, lighting and sound experts consulted and actor training part of the operation, all with the aim of becoming the very best Halloween experience in the UK.

We’re now in the 17th year, and each year Frightmare gets scarier, spookier and bigger!