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Survival Guide
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How to make the most of your evening with us!

Take the Fast Track

Buying a Beast ticket will allow you to plan your night better and skip the regular queues. Plus, you get to revisit your favourite haunt! We have limited availability, so get yours early. Upgrades can be purchased on the night where available.

Plan it out

Arrive as close to your time slot as possible so that you have time to experience everything. Try to go for one of the quieter attractions first such as Séance, Caged or The Offering. Save the slower attractions like the Hayride until you can see that queues have subsided. Attraction closing times are strict, so please keep an eye on the time.

Dress the part

We are on a farm and the weather has not been greatest this year, so we advise against wearing heels or open-toe shoes. Wrap up warm and get your wellies at the ready!

No photos, please

You’re welcome to take pictures outside of the attractions but whilst inside the haunts please refrain from filming and photography. You won’t get the full experience if you’re looking through a lens and it’s distracting for other guests.

Getting your grub on

The food at Frightmare is delicious, so grab yourself a snack and drink whilst in the food court or the main arena but food and drink are not allowed inside in the haunts.

Smoking Kills

Feel free to use our dedicated smoking area on site but please don’t smoke in the main arena or in the queue lines, it’s not fair to those who don’t.

Don’t mistreat our monsters

Abusing our creatures or staff members will result in you being asked to leave.

For more info on all things Frightmare visit our FAQ page